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    Infinito, The Latest Jet Interior Design Unifying Art & Science

    • Jun 5, 2020

    • By:Shirui Ji

    What do you get when you pair a private jet company with an Italian supercar maker? Nothing but pure luxury. Last week, Airbus Corporate Jets and the Italian supercar maker Pagani announced a new cabin design called Infinito for the ACJ319neo. Pagani’s design team contributed to the Infinito’s initial design, while Airbus was in charge of aircraft design and compatibility.



    The Infinito cabin features a sky ceiling, echoing its name Infinito, which means infinity in Italian. The sky ceiling can either present a live view of the sky above the aircraft or display other images. Such a design blurs the visual edges of the interior space, enhancing the space and airiness of the cabin.


    Resembling the features of a Pagani supercar design, the Infinito cabin exemplifies the combination of art and science. Pagani is renowned for its philosophy, which embraces Leonardo da Vinci’s masterful conception that art and science can exist hand-in-hand. The art aspect of soft-leather furnishings and the science aspect of sculpted carbonfibre represent Pagani’s creative and luxurious nature and have been applied to the interior of the Infinito.


    Other features such as sculpted metal light fixtures, as well as shell-shaped valances and walls between zones, are included. With the touch of a button, the dividers can be switched from opaque to transparent.


    The ACJ319neo, as a member of Airbus’ ACJ320 Family, has the widest and tallest jet cabin. According to Airbus, the new ACJ319neo is capable of carrying eight passengers up nearly 7,800 miles or 15 hours non-stop.


    Photos from airbus.com