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    Mercedes Unveils Compact Auto Designs–And They’re Epic

    • Apr 25, 2020

    • By:Shirui Ji

    Mercedes-Benz unveiled the new Concept A Sedan at 2017 Shanghai International Auto Show, which hints at the upcoming era of sleek future design direction for compact vehicles.


    Concept A expands Mercedes’ line of A-Class sedans. Known as the smallest model of Mercedes, Concept A features the evolved design language: “Sensual Purity.”


    “Our Concept A Sedan shows that the time of creases is over,” said Gorden Wagener, the Chief Design Officer for Daimler AG and Mercedes.


    Wagener pointed out that Concept A previewed the development of “Sensual Purity.” “With its perfect proportions and a sensual treatment of surfaces with reduced lines, it is the next milestone of Sensual Purity and has the potential to introduce a new design era.”


    Concept A follows the recently revealed interpretations of “Sensual Purity”: “Aesthetics A” sculpture and the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept. The latest design study represents dynamism and sportiness. Within the “Sensual Purity” concept, Wagener attempts to develop a combination of hot, emotional appeals and cool high tech.


    “Sensual Purity” was devised by Wagener in 2009. The design philosophy advocates smoother lines and more rounded surfaces. Since then, the ideology of purity and simplicity has been exercised on Mercedes C-Class, E-Class, S-Class and CLA-class models. It started to refresh the A-class look in 2012.


    In terms of the smoother surfaces, Concept A shares similarities with another compact model CLA-class. But Concept A should be roomier than the CLA, due to a longer roof. Moreover, it highlights the relatively vertical C-pillar, larger side windows and the higher beltline, compared with the CLA.


    Since 2012, Mercedes has sold more than two million compact sedans around the world. Concept A could become the next example of popular compact model from this brand.



    Photos from Mercedes-Benz and thetorquereport.com