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    Lamborghini and MIT Collaborate on Hypercar Concept, Terzo Millennio

    • Dec 18, 2020

    • By:Demarco Trammell

    Could hypercars become a reality? The answer is yes.


    On Nov. 6, Automobili Lamborghini revealed their development of next-generation electric power trains in a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Along with their plans, the brand also unveiled a super sports car concept: the Lamborghini of  the Terzo Millennio.




    Two MIT departments are assisting on the project: the Department of Chemistry’s Dinca Research Lab, headed by professor Mircea Dinca, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, headed by professor John Hart. Lamborghini’s portion of the project will be led by Maurizio Reggiani, the global research and development director, and Mitja Borkert, the director of Lamborghini’s Centro Stile division.


    With the new collaborative MIT-Italy Program, both parties are intent on improving on the five areas of advancement. The hypercars will be comprised of new systems for propulsion and energy storage, a next-level design language, integration of cutting-edge materials and a new dimension in driver experience and automotive interface.


    What this project really comes down to is that it focuses on supercapacitors to optimize power and the regeneration of kinetic energy, while at the same time increasing the system’s lifecycle. Storage capacity will be a key element in the study as well, as the entire carbon fiber body of the Terzo Millennio’s will function as a reservoir for reserve energy. The alternative fuel will feed the electric motors located in each wheel.


    Once inside, drivers will have access to the piloted driving simulation that will guide them to their destination, before handing it to over human control.


    Lamborghini and MIT’s collaboration will revolutionize the future for automobiles. Drivers should be excited for the future-this is only the beginning.