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    The Zebra Boat By Dimitri Bez is a Fusion of Electric-Meets-Classic Luxury

    • May 30, 2020

    • By:Emma Reynolds

    When it comes to boats, not every luxury vessel is a superyacht. Industrial engineer and multi-faceted designer Dimitri Bez proves just that with his Zebra Boat. His love for minimalistic designs has become his signature and this electric-meets-classic vessel is a prime example of simple, yet elegant luxury. The Zebra Boat is his latest design and was inspired by the 1947 Sea Maid Wooden Ski Boat. One of his many unique concepts, it is very minimal in design with clean lines.



    What makes the Zebra so unique is that it’s powered by an electric motor, compared to other boats powered by diesel, gasoline or sail power. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but electric motors are also a low-impact and quiet form of propulsion. It’s made with noble materials, such as wood and leather and modern technology.





    In the Zebra Boat, you’ll find retro controls, an OLED touchscreen tablet on the dashboard (which provides navigation support and doubles as a video screen), and a classic dark-orange interior. The boat’s unique pattern is made from wooden panels and has structured chrome lines placed throughout. The vessel has a very retro vibe, with two closed off cabins for the driver and passengers. Geometric angles and classic designs upgrade the boat, making it a desirable piece to add to any boating aficionado’s collection.


    Who would you want to bring out in Dimitri Bez’s Zebra Boat with you?