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    Berluti and Krug’s Champagne Backpack is Way Too Cool for School

    • Nov 8, 2020

    • By:Ingrid Cherry

    Goodbye Cooler, Hello Champagne-toting backpack! The third installation in the Berluti pour Krug Champagne-tote collection, the Wild Journey Backpack boasts a laid-back, ultra-cool style, which is a slight departure from its briefcase-like predecessors, the Short Journey and Long Journey bags. Still, the Wild Journey features the high-end finishes and impeccable functionality that is expected from its cutting-edge creators. While no one is surprised that Berluti, the Parisian shoemaking powerhouse, and Krug, a Champagne maven, have combined their skills to create this luxe, innovate and Bubbly-centric accessory, the result (and $6,500 price-tag) is honestly stunning.




    The bag’s exterior is made of Venezia leather in a rich, patina plum finish, the Berluti pour Krug color.The interior is thermofoil lined and has a removable foam insert, both of which aid in insulating the bag, ensuring that the Champagne remains perfectly chilled. You won’t need to wait long to take this tote for a test ride, as it comes stocked with a bottle of Krug Rosé Champagne, two custom designed Riedel Rosé glasses and a chrome stopper, for when you inevitably change locations before you finish the bottle.



    The backpack, which will be released mid-November, just in time for the holiday season is also spacious enough to fit a pair of shoes (obviously Berluti) along with a bottle, so you can slip in and out of your heels effortlessly as you move between parties. The perfect blend of style and utility, this our pick for a season must have!