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    The BOLD Summit Comes To Chicago This September

    • Sep 7, 2020

    • By:Emma Reynolds

    The Business of Luxury Design (BOLD) Summit is back in full force this year. The summit, which takes place every other year, is crafted specifically for the luxury design industry business owners hoping to elevate their business. The three-day conference, hosted at the historic Auditorium Theatre in Downtown Chicago, will welcome some of the top designers in the luxury market from Sept. 25-27.



    These business-savvy designers will get a change to explore what’s new and smart in the industry, while networking with other like-minded owners in the luxury realm to discuss how to enhance their business. This year, luxury interior designers will get a chance to showcase their products to the design community and gain national media exposure.  Designers Michelle Workman, Jillian O’Neill, Liz Carroll, Marlene Holmquist, Susan Winchester and Deborah Main will show off their luxury products.



    BOLD Summit 2015, Palm Springs



    “The BOLD Designer Product Showcase is one of my favorite elements of the BOLD Summit because it allows some of our attendees to showcase their talent and passion in a new way. It is an added benefit of being an attendee and allows us to shine a light on the product side of their business,” says Julia Molloy, founder of BOLD Summit and Julia Molloy Consulting. “Whether it be furniture, a fabric line or home décor, the showcase gives our attendees a unique opportunity to get their products fantastic exposure not only within the design community, but in the media as well.”



    Founder of BOLD Summit, Julia A. Molloy



    The topics covered at this year’s event include:

    >The Strategies Behind a 40% Gross Profit Margin
    > Turning Your Audience Into a Revenue Stream
    > The Paths to More Publicity
    > Harnessing the Power of Your Own Leadership Style



    Round table discussions with Barclay Butter, Jamie Drake, Pamela Babey of BAMO and other conference speakers will be available to guests for a total deep-dive into critical business decisions, marketing and more.



    If you want to excel in the luxury-interior design realm, visit businessofluxurydesign.com to see how you can partake.