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    Dana Hotel To Welcome Sea-Inspired Bar And Restaurant

    • Jun 20, 2020

    • By:Alyssa Collins

    There’s always something on the horizon when it comes to Chicago’s culinary scene, and this summer, the dana hotel has it all. Cocktail connoisseur Benjamin Schiller and the Fifty/50 Group were so moved by the success of their rooftop haven, Apogee, that they decided to expand in the same building.


    So what can you expect this summer? The ground floor of the dana hotel will host a seafood restaurant, Portsmith, in addition to the sea monster-inspired bar, Leviathan, just upstairs.


    Portsmith, the contemporary seafood spot, will debut as a breakfast and dinner restaurant run by Chef Nate Henssler. Henssler, originally from New Hampshire, has cooked in New Zealand, India, Las Vegas and San Francisco. He hopes to draw on influences from his travels to bring some new innovative palates to Chicago, all while emphasizing fresh ingredients in his seafood dishes. You can expect the dishes to reflect his unique style. Hint: keep a look out for his fried fish and waffles on the menu!


    From Portsmith on the ground floor of the hotel, take the staircase to the second floor, designed to resemble the esophagus of a sea monster before arriving at the oasis of imagination, Leviathan. Inspired by sea creatures illustrated by 19th century French artist Gustave Doré, both design and cocktails adhere to a sea monster theme. Schiller, who is known for his over-the-top, creative drinks, explains that the cocktail menu will not disappoint. He plans to utilize a great deal of gin and rum in his drinks as an homage to the sea. Through his mindful creation of these unconventional and visually stimulating cocktails, you’ll never want the night to end. Both spots are scheduled to debut in summer 2017.


    dana hotel & spa, 660 N. State St., 312-202-6000