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    ChicagoMOD Sponsors Chicago Gourmet’s Japanese Dinner at Jay Pritzker Pavilion

    • Sep 26, 2020

    • By:Emma Reynolds

    More than 120 guests sat underneath the stars at the Frank Gehry-designed Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park on Saturday, Sept. 23 for Chicago Gourmet’s Japanese Dinner. As one of the last dinners of Chicago Gourmet’s 10th anniversary, guests experienced a multi-course Japanese dinner experience with chefs from Tokyo, NYC, Seattle and Chicago preparing signature, traditional dishes for guests.



    Upon arrival, guests sipped on cocktails with Suntory Toki Whisky and mingled before enjoying dinner. Steve Dolinsky emceed the event and after each course was served, the chef spoke about the inspiration and ingredients.





    The first course began with New York City’s Chef Daisuke Nakazawa (Sushi Nakazawa). He served a Scallop with Yuzu Pepper and Irisake Sauce. Simple, yet delicious!




    The second course featured Simmered Red Snapper with Lotus Root, Potatoes, Shimeji Mushrooms, Maple Leaves, Ginger and Yuzu from Chef Naoyuki Yanagihara of the Yanagihara School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine in Tokyo.





    The third course from Seattle’s Chef Shota Nakajima (Adana). He served Salmon Fried and Marinated with a Soy Dash, Onions, Pickled Pearl Red Onions and Micro Shiso.





    The fourth course from Chicago’s very own Chef Takashi Yagihashi (Slurping Turtle) featured a Midwest spin on a Japanese classic. His “Meat and Potatoes” dish included Charred Beef Tenderloin and Beef Tongue, Potato Mousseline, Braised Konnyaku and Potato Croquettes.




    Dessert from Chicago’s Chef Aya Fukai (Maple & Ash) was a delicious treat of Yuzu Tart with Honey, Sesame and Meringue.



    Together, these chefs prepared classic Japanese flavors for a full gastronomical experience in one of the most prized architectural spots in Chicago. Described by one critic as “the most spectacular structure to go up in early-twenty-first-century Chicago,” the event was spectacular from start to finish.



    Each dish was paired with a particular sake from Joto Sake, each ranging in flavors, aromas and textures.



    ChicagoMOD was a proud sponsor of Chicago Gourmet‘s Japanese Dinner, alongside Rishi, Suntory Toki Whisky, Joto, Chosoe Chicago, American Airlines, Acqua Panna, and the Illinois Restaurant Association, among others.