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    Travel In Style

    • Apr 24, 2017

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    The next time you’re jetsetting to Europe, the Caribbean or a far-off destination, reach for a bag that’s not only practical, but stylish as well. From Ghurka trunks to Rimowa rollaways, these stylish and efficient flight accessories will showcase your sartorial sense from the time you set foot into the airport until the moment you touch down in paradise.



    The newest trunk collection by this fine leather brand puts a contemporary twist on a classic design. Fashioned with French calfskin and twill lining, this custom-made collection offers seven pieces, including a beauty case, attache, trolley, wardrobe trunk and three different- sized suitcases. Each is hand-painted with colored stripes (yellow, white and black or black, orange, white and green) to add a vibrant touch. The hues, mixed with a plywood frame and brass palladium fixtures, ensure many eyes will be on you while you travel. Available at Ghurka.com, prices
    may vary




    Carry-ons offer convenience for travelers, especially for those weekend getaways. Go wild with Gucci’s colorful Bengal GG Supreme duffle, an option that’s lightweight, durable and trendy. Perfect for short-term transfers, the bag is equipped with leather handles and an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry your items through security and the terminal without any fuss. The signature duffle also comes with a lock, detachable ID tag and metal feet to add protection to your stored items. Available at Gucci.com, $1,850



    J.W. HULME CO.

    Losing your luggage is the worst, which is why every seasoned jetsetter packs a carry-on. J.W. Hulme Co.’s classic dark green tote bag with heirloom cognac leather has adequate space to fit the essentials while also being a fashion-forward choice. USA-made, this travel tote is equipped with leather handles, two exterior pockets and a shoulder strap, perfect for carrying your most prized possessions around any airport. You also can monogram your initials to ensure there is never any mix-up. Available at JWHulmeCo.com, $345



    The future is officially here with Rimowa’s Bossa Nova rollaway. Its hard-shell exterior boasts a futuristic appearance but is also sturdy enough to sustain baggage handling. The Bossa Nova comes with a TSA combination lock, a two-flex divider and an “add a bag” feature that allows you to fasten another bag to the exterior to make juggling multiple pieces a thing of the past. The star feature of the Bossa Nova, however, is the electronic tag that allows you to check your bag via your phone and send your luggage tag directly to the electronic fixture on the exterior. The electronic tag combined with multiwheel capabilities will have you gliding through the airport in no time. Available at various Chicago retailers. Visit Rimowa.com for locations, prices may vary