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    Tom Ford’s One-Tone Fall Collection is the Perfect Look for the Dapper Gentleman

    • Sep 22, 2017

    • By:Will Mendelson

    As temperatures finally begin to cool down in Chicago, it’s time for gentlemen to start thinking about switching up their fall wardrobe. As any dapper, fashion-forward man knows, Tom Ford never disappoints, and this is especially true for this fall. This season, Ford has opted for a more reserved, yet still luxurious, look for men with his one-tone line. With inspiration from Richard Gere’s masculine and stylish, yet tamer, fashion in the iconic film American Gigolo, Ford’s one-tone line for this season features trousers and strong-shouldered suits.



    For the fall, Ford has produced a line consisting of tonal dressing. All suits, coats, shirts and ties have are matching neutral colors, from taupe to charcoal. And if you’re thinking that’s basic and boring, think again: Ford infuses these neutral, coordinating colors with his signature sleek style, resulting in sharp, vibrant designs while retaining a simple and minimalistic vibe for the new season.


    Ford’s monotone style for the autumn is complemented by his top-notch texturing. For example, one of his fine suits goes perfectly with a gray cotton-flannel shirt and wool tie. His new fall wardrobe pieces may all be variations of gray, but each is made with different textiles, equipping the dapper gentleman with confidence and a cool, calm sense of style for the season. tomford.com