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    AeroMobil Is Bringing The Future To Life

    • Aug 15, 2017

    • By:Paris Raymond

    The choice of flying or driving has never been easier! Normally choosing between driving or flying across the country can be a tough choice, but what if we were to tell you that there’s a new invention coming out and it’ll make your traveling experience easier than ever? Introducing the new flying car!




    AeroMobil, the new flying car, will be the sharpest thing in the sky yet. AeroMobil is actually a vehicle, but not just any vehicle. This spectacular vehicle has wings, and everything else that is needed to go from driving on the freeway, to lifting off the ground and passing an actual airplane in the sky. This gives you the great flexibility to either travel on ground or by air!




    This luxurious flying automobile is perfect for you and a significant other to travel together across the country. AeroMobil has the ability to transform to car, to flying car in less than three minutes! It holds two seats, which are made specifically to the comfort level of each individual. The vehicle also includes a ballistic parachute that will land on the ground in a safe manner, in case of emergencies. When driving on land, AeroMobil can travel up to 100 mph for more than 400 miles and can fly nonstop for up to 500 miles, with cruising speeds up to 160 mph.




    AeroMobil is set to deliver by the year 2020 and is taking pre-orders now.