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    The Fisker EMotion Luxury Electric Sedan Debuts at CES 2018

    • Jan 22, 2018

    • By:Demarco Trammell

    Fisker Inc., designer and manufacturer of some of the world’s most sought-after vehicles, has just struck gold. At CES 2018, Fisker Inc. unveiled the gorgeous Fisker EMotion luxury electric sedan, along with their new patent-pending Fisker Flexible Solid State battery that delivers more energy than lithium ion batteries.


    Drivers will drool over both the interior as well as the exterior, with the impressive Fisker butterfly doors. The doors are also equipped with touch-sensitive sensors to detect the proximity of surroundings, and they smoothly open up and out of the way. The craftsmanship and active personalization of the vehicle stands out the most, as it’s fitted with leather and dressed in caramel and midnight black. The EMotion can also fit up to about four passengers, and to top it off, it comes with a Samsung television that reclines forward for better viewing.



    Along with the decorative interior, the EMotion comes with an independent driving system that can control everything from start and stop traffic to cruising through byways. It is composed of numerous LIDAR sensors throughout the vehicle, ultrasonic sensors and cameras with the potential of reaching through the short and long-range radar. Patented S3 Solid State LIDAR sensors deliver the highest levels of performance and longevity required in safety-imperative automotive affairs.



    The bold sportiness is what sets the EMotion apart from the other luxury vehicles on the market. It has the phenomenal potential of going 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds with a incredible top speed of 160 mph. The numerous electric motors send more than 575 KW  (780hp) of power to enhance the drivers acceleration.



    Starting prices for this marvelous vehicle starts at $129,000. The EMotion luxury sedan is the car to buy for 2018.