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    Spend Your Summer at Foxfire, New England’s Most Luxurious Escape

    • Feb 8, 2018

    • By:Demarco Trammell

    Foxfire, the 127-acre estate in Maryland’s countryside, is an exclusive new venue that’ll top your vacation list come summer.


    From founders Alex and Sue Glasscock (who own fitness and wellness destination, the Ranch Malibu), the estate features rolling hills and a tranquil atmosphere for families who want to escape the bustle of the city, or couples to enjoy a romantic getaway. Just 40 minutes outside Baltimore and 90 minutes from Washington D.C., the estate is complete with a farmhouse, horse pastures and more.



    This estate is quintessentially American, with a landmarked country estate in the heart of Maryland’s Harford County horse country. First built in 1932, it has acted as a meeting place for society’s elite over the last century having just started out by operating as a horse breeding and training farm in the hills of the rolling countryside. The Manor House and cottages have undergone major renovations so guests can bask in luxury while still enjoying history. The estate features six bedrooms that spreads across 8,000 square feet, all of which features a stylish mix of contemporary and vintage furniture.


    After relaxing in one of the Manor’s comfortable cozy corners, or preparing a family feast in the kitchen, guests can roam the estate’s 127 acres. The grounds still possesses working barns and paddocks, where guests can take a exhilarating horse ride through the regions of the snaking streams and quarries. When you’re done with the horses, you can can take a dip into the shimmering pool. The estate can accommodate up 21 guests and is ideal for weddings, events and more.



    For reservations, email Jason Denby at jasond@foxfiremonkton.com.