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    Purify Your Skin With Lica Cole’s The Good Vibe Line

    • Apr 14, 2017

    • By:Dana Jarvis

    Enhance your skin’s natural glow with Lica Cole’s The Good Vibe line. The line of products helps promote your natural beauty by creating products using essential oils, rice water brewed with matcha and other naturally purifying ingredients.

    The company recently released The Good Vibe line designed for customers to relax, detox, or energize depending on the choice of product.


    Lica Cole uses matcha powder in The Good Vibe polishing paste to eliminate toxins while neutralizing skin. This product will leave your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. The salt paste sits in layers so the customer can choose the level of exfoliant desired.


    The ayurvedic smoothing silk serum is a perfect follow up and offers protection for every type of skin. This product will allow your skin to breathe and regain moisture while the light aroma of sandalwood and ylang-ylang works as a gorgeous aromatherapy.


    What sets the brand apart from other skincare brands? Lica Cole doesn’t use harsh chemicals–even in the new wellness perfume oil.  The fragrance is easy to carry with you, sold in a rollerball that makes application simple and clean. Ginger, bergamot, and sage are incorporated in this product to keep you awake and stimulate the mind.

    Visit LicaCole.com to purchase your natural face and body care products.