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    Moncler Grenoble Launches Fashionably Fabulous Ski Collection

    • Jan 9, 2018

    • By:Demarco Trammell

    Now that the winter season is upon us, it’s the perfect time to get your winter gear in check. But how can you make apres ski more interesting?  The answer is Moncler Grenoble. They have already mastered the technique of cold weather fashion with its men’s and women’s line, Gamme Rouge by Giambattista Valli and Gamme Bleu by Thom Browne, that push the limits of winter wear. Now, they have released a line of precision fit clothing featuring top of the line fabrics and modern designs that translate into comfortable and stylish clothing. It’s not only fun to be skiing, snowboarding and sledding down the slopes, it’s also fun when you’re looking modish. For a company that’s dedicated to sportswear, they have outdone themselves with this upscale ski collection. Here’s a preview of items that Moncler has to offer snowgoers.



    Hat- The knitwear is at the forefront with this accessory. Made from the finest wool, it makes the perfect hat to wear in the city or on the ski slopes of Aspen or Lake Tahoe. $270


    Sweatshirt- Fused together with different materials, Moncler Grenoble Apres has created a warm, enveloping vest. This sweatshirt has a combination of wind-proof fabrics and soft faux sheepskin, which is excellent for a relaxing vacation in the mountains. $500


    Casual Pants- Pants made from special fabrics make them ideal for winter sports and other activities. Next generation details make this an appealing garment on the ski slopes, and they’ll also be able to withstand any climate. $605



    Skirt- A model of femininity, this skirt makes the perfect outfit to wear in the mountains.  It stresses the necessity of technical features of a garment designed to be worn in the snow. $535


    High Neck Sweater- With its high quality features, this one-of-a-kind sweater has a combination of graphics and geometric patterns in an exquisite tailored piece of knitwear. The sweater was also put together with an ultra lightweight and sophisticated shape that floats over the silhouette. $535



    Cardigan- Given its sporty chic, this Moncler masterpiece, enveloped in iridescent color, was inspired by modern city landscapes to send a strange urban style statement. It also features a combination of hi-tech and knitted fabrics that magnify the female silhouette. $755



    Looking for more fashionable ski clothing from Moncler this season? Visit www.moncler.com.