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    Louis Vuitton Has Upped the Watch Game Yet Again

    • Jul 31, 2017

    • By:Ingrid Cherry

    It seems like certain fashion powerhouses like Louis Vuitton truly understand their shoppers. Their products are always just the right size, shape color— whatever we’re looking for. The newest addition to Louis Vuitton’s collection is no exception to this trend. The introduction of their new Tambour Moon Watch collection is not only about a play on a classic, (the Moon collection has a concave edge that creates a unique crescent shape that is enchantingly reflective) it is also the debut of Louis Vuitton’s first-ever changeable watch strap. Already available for their bags, the interchangeable watch band allows owners more diversity in their everyday loot.

    Available for all sizes of Tambour watches including the original, Moon and the similarly new Slim, which boasts the Louis Vuitton Eclipse Monogram, a modern spin on the classic letters along with sleek dial finishes. The straps themselves come in 30 different styles for both men and women. The collection is crafted from Louis Vuitton’s signature leathers and fabrics as well as plastic. Keeping with the traditional-meets-modern theme, the interchangeable straps come in classic, easily recognizable patterns as well as subtler, urban looks. The ability to mix and match styles for one of the brand’s most iconic pieces seems like Louis Vuitton’s way of teasing its customers. Just when we think we found exactly what we wanted, the brand reminds us that there is something even better out there, by putting it exactly within hand’s (or wrist’s) reach.

    Photos are courtesy of Luxpose’s website.