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    Jonathan Adler Talks His Chicago Boutique and All Things Design

    • Oct 12, 2017

    • By:Will Mendelson

    Jonathan Adler is a world-famous designer, beloved by celebrities, interior designers and everyone with a passion for home design. His brilliant and creative artistry is reflected in every item he creates, and his Chicago boutique has been a Gold Coast staple since its opening in 2005. Here, he talks exclusively with ChicagoMOD about his inspirations, favorite pieces and why he’s so enthralled by Chicago’s design culture.


    ChicagoMOD: Tell us about your work with Equality Illinois, and how you got involved.



    Jonathan Adler: As a company we like to work with charities at the local level, charities that are connected to the communities where we have our stores. The divine operatives of  our Chicago store know and love Equality Illinois, so voila! As a gay man it’s important to me to give back to LGBT concerns.


    ChicagoMOD: What do you think are some of the biggest trends in home design for the Fall?



    Jonathan Adler: Metallics, always and forever. I’m partial to brass but as long as you’re incorporating something shimmery into your home I’m ok. I’m also feeling natural materials – fur, shearling, wood that looks unfinished. But the truth is I don’t really follow trends. I just make what I want to make and hope everyone likes it as much as I do.



    ChicagoMOD: Any favorite Chicago spots to go to when you’re in town? Shops? Spas? Parks?



    Jonathan Adler: A trip to Chicago is not complete without a visit to the Art Institute, dinner at the Ralph Lauren restaurant, and, of course, a cruise through the Jonathan Adler store.


    ChicagoMOD: Are there any specific products you love right now from your collection?



     Jonathan Adler: It’s almost impossible to pick. Whatever’s newest is always my favorite. But I’m giving everyone I know one of my Personality Pillows – Boss Lady for the boss ladies in my life, and Benevolent Dictator to my hubby Simon Doonan. Plus our Stacked Acrylic Eggs. An acrylic egg is something you probably didn’t know you needed, but you do.


    ChicagoMOD: What do you love most about Chicago’s design culture and aesthetic? 



    Jonathan Adler: Chicago is the perfect mix of Midwest optimism and big city glamour. Plus, any place that’s stuffed with Frank Lloyd Wright homes is ok by me.


    ChicagoMOD: How do you relax in your own home? 



    Jonathan Adler: A combo of reading, watching TV, and eating. Which makes me sound very lazy (and it’s true).