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    Folium Medica Makes Skin Woes A Thing Of The Past

    • Apr 19, 2017

    • By:Shirui Ji

    Acne breakouts are common for teenagers, but sometimes the troublesome skin condition remains when we enter our 20s, 30s, and beyond. Thankfully, some skin care products can assist us with relieving acne and deeply cleansing the skin.

    Healing Acne-Clearing Facial Oil by Folium Medica is ideal for people who suffer from acne-prone and problematic skin. Designed to decongest and clear skin, its healing oil is effective for treating active acne and preventing occasional and hormonal acne breakout because of its bactericide and antiseptic properties. The healing oil formulation, penetrating fast and deeply, stops inflammation and bacteria to affect healthy tissue.

    Expect for acne-fighting benefits, skin-balancing action is another feature of this product. The Healing Acne-Clearing Facial Oil, with selected essential oils, is capable of normalizing sebum for combination and oily skin.

    Folium Medica is also a proponent for saving the environment. If you mail your empty bottle to them and request refill, they will offer a 20% discount. To reduce waste, they do not use outer packaging. Since glass containers can be repurposed and recycled, their products are presented in glass bottles and jars. With Folium Medica, your beauty routine will also be eco-friendly.

    Shop Healing Acne-Clearing Facial Oil on Folium Medica website at https://foliummedica.com/