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    Elske is Chicago’s “It” Restaurant and You Can’t Miss Out

    • Aug 1, 2017

    • By:Ingrid Cherry

    A short eight months ago, Elske was the most anticipated restaurant set to open in Chicago. Fast-forward to now, and husband and wife chefs Anna and David Posey have definitely delivered. Elske now stands as Chicago’s only restaurant on Eater’s Best New Restaurants in America’s list. This is no small feat seeing that food critic, Bill Addison, only granted 12 restaurants nationwide with this honor. Clearly, Elske must be doing more than one thing right.


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    A nod to David Posey’s heritage, the restaurant has a clean, Scandinavian aesthetic. Linear, light-wash tables, crisp, bare walls and a roaring fire keep the space simple while still inviting. Not just integral to the decor, the Posey’s tie to Denmark is also found in the restaurant’s name, Elske, which means love in Danish. While items on the menu are not strikingly Danish, they do bear some marks of Danish technique and ingredients that mesh perfectly with the vibes of the restaurant. Standouts on the à la carte menu include Addison-approved roasted quail with wax beans and walnut skordalia, a dipping sauce traditionally comprised of garlic, potatoes, as well as silky soft scrambled eggs paired with delightfully crispy grains, a yin-yang pairing made in heaven.


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    If you’re looking to get a broader look at the menu, Elske offers a tasting menu with the likes of broccoli fritters with spicy date jam and frozen fennel candy. The dishes are comforting without being overly hearty, familiar while remaining innovative and interesting. Deserving of Addison’s recognition, Elske strikes the perfect balance between homey and high dining. Its fresh, savory flavors and critical acclaim make it the restaurant that anyone who’s anyone will be eating at as the summer winds down.


    For the full menu and to make a reservation, visit Elske’s website.


    Photos courtesy of Elske.