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    Bentley On Demand: Luxury is Just a Reservation Away

    • Jun 29, 2017

    • By:Ingrid Cherry

    If you’re part of the Bentley family, chances are you are already used to luxury services and goods being at the tip of your fingers. Now, this coveted luxury car brand is taking said luxury to an unprecedented level with their on-demand concierge service. Whether Bentley owners are looking to switch up their ride for a special occasion, or stick with the brand while on vacation, Bentley’s on-demand service fulfills their members’ need for mobility through a quick and straightforward process.



    Exclusive to Bentley owners, the concierge service requires users to validate their account on the Bentley Network App. From there, members are able to choose and reserve the model of their liking from a large selection of luxury cars. They receive a confirmation email and then a courtesy email with an hour of the car’s arrival. Upon door-to-door delivery, at the place of the customer’s choosing, a Bentley concierge is present to walk the user through the car’s various features. This very same concierge will be there to pick up the car after the driver’s use to ensure a cohesive experience.




    This service eliminates the need for a traditional car rental and all of the wait time that comes with it, while providing Bentley drivers with a customizable, comfortable and convenient experience. Bentley on Demand follows Filld, the company’s mobile-app fuel delivery service that eliminates the inconvenience of gas stations from the driving experience, as part of Bentley’s quest to provide owners with top of the line amenities and services. The concierge’s trial run will debut this summer in New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas this summer providing Bentley owners in these cities with an extra dash of posh, necessary to get through a family trip or the first workday back from a beach vacation.