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    The Ayuna MOMENTUM Regime will Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter Long

    • Nov 10, 2017

    • By:Ingrid Cherry

    Winter is coming. Along with it, so are sub-zero temperatures, cloudy days and blizzard like winds, all of which make skin care that much more essential. Even with every primer, serum and salve it can be difficult to maintain that dewy, glowing look we took for granted during the summer months. This year, however, things are about to changed, thanks to Ayuna’s MOMENTUM skin care package. The four-step package is what the brand explains to be a total “Topical Fasting for the Skin” routine. Dedicated to all natural products and a less-is-more approach, Auyuna created this set to cleanse, revitalize and brighten the skin.


    Available online and in store at Neiman Marcus
    (737 North Michigan Ave.)


    The regime includes an artisanal, gentle, but deep-cleansing soap that is meant to sooth and detoxify the skin, as well as a treatment cream, formulated with botanical cell cultures, which works to even skin tone and texture. Additionally, the set contains a protein-based exfoliant that promises to scrub away impurities as well as a firming and cleansing face mask. These products, meant to be used sporadically, when your skin is in need of a “reset” are deeply luxurious and calming, promising for skin that is pampered without being overexposed to chemicals.



    MOMENTUM offers full-sized samples of Ayuna’s products in sleek white pots and green, marbled bars, which are encased in a minimalistic wooden box. The set’s presentation is representative of what’s inside: pure, simple products that are carefully selected and thoughtfully sourced. Both MOMENTUM’s aesthetics and the wonders it will work on your skin are certain to brighten the darkest winter day without weighing you, or your skin, down.



    Photos courtesy of Ayuna and Neiman Marcus.