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    5 Men’s Summer Scents You Can’t Miss

    • Jul 10, 2020

    • By:Paris Raymond

    When you think of summer you might think of fun in the sun, cookouts, swimming and more. Or, a time where people let loose, get wild, and show people who they really are by expressing themselves. That means this is a good time for you to make a statement with your summer cologne choice. ChicagoMOD has rounded up five summer scents for men that will make a lasting impression.




    Les Exclusifs De Chanel Boy Chanel, one of Chanel’s newest fragrances, is a treasure to have. This scent is soft, yet vibrant, with a vigorous romantic smell that any man can wear. Though the scent is a masculine one, fresh hints of lavender, rose geranium, lemon, vanilla, and musk are soft enough to make it sweet. Available at Chanel, 935 N. Michigan Ave., 312-787-5500, chanel.com, $350



    Soleil Blanc Atomizer is one of the many best-selling men’s fragrances by Tom Ford. A soft cologne inspired by fresh flowers and warmth from the sun, this scent will immediately transport you to a sunny private island. Available at Tom Ford, 66 E. Oak St., 312-605-5041, tomford.com, $450



    Terre D’Hermès fragrance for men is crafted for taking scent to another level. This summer fragrance takes you on a journey from the earth to the sky in just one spray. Having a natural, sweet smell with a slight twist scent of wood, this fragrance is a great option for any man who is ready for summer any day of the week. Available at Hermès, 25 E. Oak St., 312-787-8175, hermes.com, $220



    Saharienne- Le Vestiaire des Parfums by Yves Saint Laurent is a signature fragrance. Full of summer seduction, this cologne will take any man on an adventure with an aroma of a sweet scented desert. Filled with the strong smell of orange blossom, white musks, and a tone of rosemary, this YSL cologne is a sure go-to. Available at Yves Saint Laurent, 11 E. Walton St., 312-202-0166, ysl.com, $250



    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is also a must-have for summer. Rich in its smell, this classic cologne has three major keys that make it a top pick. Starting with a cool, elegant refreshing scent of a flowery island, leading into the diving smell of the clear waters of a beach, ending in the masculine, vibrant smell of amber woods. Available at Dolce & Gabbana, 68 E. Oak St., 312-255-0630, dolcegabbana.com, $200